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Why choose Steiner Education?

Our teachers explore classical and contemporary subject matter with children through holistic and integrated learning that brings the learning to life.
Steiner is a pedagogical and philosophical approach that offers children learning opportunities that  maximise their potential when they are most ready.
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The Steiner approach balances academic subjects with multifaceted learning through creativity and artistic endeavours. We offer specialisation in instrumental music, singing, productions and opportunities to perform in community events.  
An emphasis on using the imagination to enhance creative thinking, problem solving, innovation and academic learning, enlivened through an artistic approach.
Resourcing involves surrounding students with natural materials and learning in the natural world with an appreciation of its natural beauty and responsibility.
Steiner is non-denominational and respects the beliefs of all families, promoting respect for the spiritual nature of the human being.
Teachers meet individual needs to honour and support holistic learning of the whole child with opportunities to achieve academic excellence.
Priorities of the child is collectively served through forming partnerships with children, parents and community.
Social development is a focus, with commensurate values of trust and compassion forming the basis of building relationships and a sense of belonging.

The Steiner Education Principles

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